[HLUG] March Meeting - Kdenlive video editing demo ?

Paul Stenning paul at vintage-radio.com
Thu Mar 12 18:21:10 UTC 2009

Can we have demos of both, if someone used Blender? It would be 
interesting for comparison, and would give a theme to the evening.

Best regards,
Paul Stenning


Alan Pope wrote:
> On 12/03/2009, Julian Robbins <joolsr at fastmail.fm> wrote:
>>  I'm happy to show Kdenlive http://kdenlive.org - a very nice qt4 video
>>  editing application which has come on leaps and bounds that I've been
>>  using at work. Its a very nice project and could well feel the gap for a
>>  truly awesome Linux Video editing app.
> Good job we already have an awesome video editor in the form of Blender :)
> http://blog.rfquerin.org/2009/01/26/how-i-edit-videos-using-blender-maybe-part-one/
> http://blog.rfquerin.org/2009/02/14/really-basic-blender-video-editing-part-2/
> Take a look at those, they're good for a quick-start guide.
> Cheers,
> Al.

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