[HLUG] Herefordshire LUG Meeting tomorrow, Weds 18th March

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 17 21:27:29 UTC 2009


Yes it nearly time for our next HLUG meeting, the suspense is nearly too 
great ;-)

Matthew will unveil his survey on what our LUG members really want out 
of LUG meetings in terms of workshops/knowledge building.

I will be bringing my laptop along for a demo on Kdenlive kdenlive.org 
(pronounced Kay Den Live) - a very nifty Video Editing application.

Usual location, ie Burghill Simpson Village Hall, details on the website 
here :-


I wanted to add notes on how to get to the Simpson Hall from the North, 
but havent had time to do so. Rough notes are as follows :- Easiest way 
is simply to travel down the A49 to the Holmer/Roman Road roundabout, 
take a right and then turn right towards Burghill/Tillington as per the 
notes on the website.

There are routes to turn right earlier on the A49, in fact I recall one 
road is signed Burghill off the A49 itself. The hall is the far side of 
Burghill from this direction, and you are better off heading towards 
Tillington, and more likely to find the hall this way.

Hope this helps.

If someone else want to add a map of the route from the North of the 
County, please feel free to do so on the website ;-)

See you tomorrow


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