[HLUG] Weird one.....

Paul Stenning paul at sp-tech.co.uk
Thu Oct 29 16:21:13 UTC 2009

Try a different CD-ROM drive if you can, or try making a copy of the 
Windows CD and installing from that.  I suspect the drive can't read 
part of the CD for some reason.

When you say "bombs out" does it crash, give an error or just appear to 
freeze?  If it's just appearing to freeze, leave it 20 minutes or so to 
make sure it really has frozen and isn't just on a go-slow.


Meijin wrote:
> I'm still struggling with trying to get Windows XP back on someone's 
> laptop (and no they don't want Ubuntu - I've tried !)
> I can quite happily put Ubuntu onto the machine and it will run fine and 
> happy.
> However, I cannot get XP back onto it as the install bombs out, usually 
> about 25% of the way through (during file copies)
> I've tried a different hard disk just in case Ubuntu was less fussy 
> about drive errors than Windows, but to no avail....
> I'm a little stumped to say the least.
> Anyone experienced anything similar and able to offer advice ?
> Cheers
> Rob

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