[HLUG] Software Freedom Day Notes

grhmc at lavabit.com grhmc at lavabit.com
Tue Sep 15 07:51:28 UTC 2009

I've got other commitments both days unfortunately. On Saturday be careful
to give simple answers without long explanations. You are so knowledgeable
that you can soon lose people like me.
Re Ubuntu 9.04, it's not LTS and I wonder if 8.04LTS is going to be
developed as well as supported. For example, the 8.04 doesn't access BBC
iPlayer, a distinct disadvantage.

> Hi
> We haven't had much of a response, apart from Pete, Mathew at Cookies
> (ie our venue), and myself.
> Even if you can't make Saturday if you can help with any of the
> organising, its all very much appreciated.
> Its quite possible if we don't get any more helpers than I will have to
> cancel the whole event ...
> Quick notes
>     * If anyone has any sandwich boards, ie the upside down V boards
>       that we can use to publicise what we're doing - can we borrow them ?
>     * During the day (well morning), we can lay on demos of Linux, and
>       various Windows opensource applications,
>     * I can bring in about 15 Ubuntu 9.04 CD';s, and 20 Suse live
>       /install cd's of their most recent version. All these are the nice
>       official versions ! I also have many Linux, Ubntu magazines, which
>       can be used.
>     * It would be nice, if we do get any more helpers to also demo
>       various applications, showing the breadth of Software freely
>       available, ie the usual OpenOffice, Firefox, Inkscape, Scribus,
>       Gimp, to more unusual useful apps perhaps.
> Again, I am happy to put some information together for the event, but do
> not wish to be the only one !!!
> Mathew Cook (ie our Venue for Saturday) contact details :-
> 01568 615 773
> cookeys at atmosweb.co.uk
> http://www.atmosweb.co.uk
> See you on Wednesday at Cookies in Leominster, for our pre SFD Sept LUG
> meeting to arrange details for Saturday. Please let me know, if you can
> make it
> Julian

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