[HLUG] Sept LUG Mtg TONIGHT - ie Weds

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 16 06:53:21 UTC 2009


Just a quick reminder our September LUG meeting is tonight at 7.30pm at 
Cookies Internet Cafe in the centre of Leominster. Directions are on the 
website. Free Carparking is available just 30 seconds walk away.

Refreshments will be available. We have access to good wifi there and 
the use of other pc's on hand & the shop/cafe, for which there is a 
small fee. (usually just a couple of quid)

The main topic will be preparations for this Saturday's Software Freedom 
Day, but pls come along for normal LUG meeting activities anyway! Don't 
worry, you won't be press-ganged into helping out on Saturday if you 
turn up tonight !

So, please bring your yourselves and any hardware/software you have of 
interest/or needs fixing. Just for interest, there was an issue of the 
IET, (Institute of Engineering & Technology ) all about Open Source I'll 
bring along. But as well as software they also mention open source cars 
!, and open source in Biometrics !!

See you later, pls email the list to say if you're coming or not.


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