[HLUG] how to open mac files

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Wed Mar 3 12:37:55 UTC 2010

Quoting Sarah Chard <sarah at streetentertainers.co.uk>:

> urgent help needed - a friend in france just called me - they had a
> complete mac crash and are trying to rescue files on my suggestion using
> an ubuntu cd - they can view the files they want but the files are in
> their words 'locked' they cannot copy or open them
> I know nothing about macs - anyone have any ideas what the problem is or
> how to copy them - as I assume it's a question of permissions
> Sarah

They're not working as the root user.  Mac uses POSIX-style  
permissions so ubuntu will interpret the MAC permissions by default.

They need to switch to root:

sudo su -

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk

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