[HLUG] address labels database

Chris Owens cowens at clara.co.uk
Fri Nov 26 11:34:53 UTC 2010

  Hi George

I haven't tried this but I noticed in OpenOffice.org 3.0 that if you go 
to File>New>Labels and open the Labels Tab you will see things like 
DataBase, DataBase field etc and lots of things to do with making 
labels. I guess the database part of OpenOffice will work well with 
OOWriter if you can once work your way around linking them all up.

      Hope this might help

Chris Owens

On 24/11/10 14:33, dicegeorge at hotmail dot com wrote:
> Is there a standard open source way for storing names addresses, 
> postcodes, phone numbers, emails etc
> and then printing them out on address labels etc?
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