[HLUG] Meeting room for occasional LUG meetings/demos/workshops

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 21:16:59 UTC 2013


A little progress with meeting rooms.

I contacted St John's Ambulance about their room, but so far have not heard
back. I will contact them again.

Rates of the Kindle Centre at ASDA are very reasonable ie £11 per hour with
av equipment thrown in.

(I haven't spoken to them as yet though to check on any other requirements,
like how late can we have the room ? )

I did wonder if it was worth speaking to the Courtayrd as I would guess
that their small meeting room isn't used much in the evenings and better to
book it out than not at all .. But their std rate is £35 per hour for a
small 15 persom room !! May be worth a try, if we can persuade them of the
numbers of coffees sold to the LUG and something for the room ...

Any progress on the other rooms ?


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