[HLUG] Tuesday's OpenStreetMap Presentation Demo

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 07:02:37 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone

Great talk last night from Ben Proctor <https://www.facebook.com/benproctor> on
OpenStreetMap - thanks Ben. Anyone who missed the talk can catch up with
the tweets.

Thanks also to everyone who turned up, 15 came along so it proves that the
organised events in a suitable surroundings work out well. May have had
even more if we had more time to promote it. St John's Ambulance were easy
to deal with but lots of little niggles, in booking the event and during
it. The alarm went off when we put in the code they supplied, as .... they
supplied the wrong code !

Likewise, no-one could get wifi there, as it was the wrong code again.

Mainly these issues seemed to be from a disjunct between the the local
Hereford folk/site and the Birmingham centralised booking office, where
Birmingham seemed to have incorrect info all the way along.

In fact we were lucky to use the main hall, we had only paid a much smaller
amount to book the smaller meeting room, which when we entered had lots of
fake dead bodies and stretchers, ie it was a more a store room for St
Johns, and never setup as a 'meeting room'

But all in all once the alarm was sorted, Ben put on a great presentation,
and lots turned up to attend!

We hope to put on more events like this every so often.


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