[HLUG] Meeting place for HLUG workshops, demos etc -St Johns Ambulance

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at gmail.com
Fri May 17 03:02:26 UTC 2013

Hi Pete and Shutz

Shutz: thanks for the mail - if you can find a cheaper way for a decent mtg
room, were all ears !
Pete: yes, you're right. But we've spent quite a while now trying to find a
'free' space for such meetings without success. In this day and age, I
think people want want to make money where they can. I'm sure there is
somewhere suitable for us that is of no cost/strings but unless someone can
find one we have to look at the paid for options instead  ...

On 16 May 2013 22:16, Pete <info at lifespacedesign.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> Take a look, it's on google maps and street view as st john, widemarsh
> street, Hereford. Appears to be all on one level and I'm guessing it will
> be accessible.
> However, I have doubts about our little group signing up for regular
> booking at £15/hr for monthly meets, and if we do an event we are looking
> at a 3 hour hire - ie £45. (We could hire a ballroom in Bromyard for that!)
> We would need to be sure we can draw a crowd.
> Surely there's a pub with a room that would want our trade without
> charging for the space.?
> MtG
> Pete
> On 16/05/13 13:17, Julian Robbins wrote:
>> Hello
>> I finally managed to track down the lady who deals with St John's bookings
>> of meeting rooms.
>> We can have either their Hereford or Leominster room for £15 per hour, on
>> certain Tuesday nights. All the other nights are taken, apart from Fridays
>> in Leominster.
>> The location has a kitchen where we can make teas and coffees, etc, has
>> wifi, with av equipment etc (see link below), seating which can be
>> arranged
>> in various different ways depending on the type of meeting we wish to
>> have.
>> We can have as long as we wish, there is no real close down time, as
>> we would be given a set of keys, subject to their being happy with us and
>> us signing a form.
>> Notes on the Hereford Venue are here
>> http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/**counties/west-midlands/venue-**
>> hire/hereford.aspx<http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/counties/west-midlands/venue-hire/hereford.aspx>
>> .
>> There is onsite free parking.
>> We get a discounted rate of £15 per hour as we are a community group.
>> The lady I spoke to, (Sue), seemed fine, you have to look after the place
>> but there does seem some flexibility and easy goingness about them.
>> payment
>> would be via BACS or a Cheque. To book it, its all done via their
>> Birmingham office.
>> Sue said they are happy to arrange a viewing of the venue with us.
>> Otherwise, the next best bet, may be the Kindle Centre, at £14 per hour
>> next to Asda, who I haven't spoke to yet, rooms from £14 per hour, venue
>> open to 8.30/9pm ish
>> Thoughts, comments please - seems like a decent place ....
>> Julian
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