[HLUG] Wednesday's meeting - Notes/Decisions Made

Sarah Chard sarah at streetentertainers.co.uk
Fri May 24 08:27:22 UTC 2013

thanks for posting julian - sounds good


On 24/05/13 07:45, Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hello
> I just thought I would post some notes for the sake of LUG members who
> weren't able to make our meeting on Wednesday.
> I presented the details I had from speaking to both the Kindle Centre and
> St John's Ambulance (both in Hereford) re meeting rooms for occasional use
> for our presentation/workshop meetings that we are planning to have.
> We had a long (for us) and detailed chat looking at both of the venues
> above, how much they cost, their equipment, availability of refreshments,
> parking, access, payment to the centre,  wifi etc etc.
> Both looked reasonable without much to choose between them
> The Kindle centre<http://www.kindlecentre.org.uk/nfHome.asp?Section=Room+2&ButtonPressed=Sadmin133117>is
> £12 per hour for their room (2) accomodating 12-15 people. Parking is
> one small issue here - you get 2 free hours in the main ASDA carpark, but
> no more. Availability was raised. Kindle may have slightly better
> availability, but either way we may have to move our regular Wednesday to
> another day to get the room we want.
> St John Ambulance meeting
> room<http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/counties/west-midlands/venue-hire/hereford.aspx>
> is
> available for £14 per hour similar size, but there was a sense that we may
> have more flexibility with them, and their car park is free for however
> long we wish to have the meetings for. We may also be given our own key
> after a couple of bookings, which implies a certain degree of
> trust. Availability at St John's is really restricted to Tuesdays only, but
> as this is for only occasional meetings it was felt this wasn't a bad idea,
> and may help some members who can't attend meetings on Wednesdays to come
> along too.
> Pete also raised again the aspect of free meeting rooms, and although this
> is something we would love to have, we just haven't come up with any
> suitable suggestions yet after quite a long time in trying to find
> anything, so it was decided that it was better to press ahead with a paid
> for venue to start with so we can arrange our first Presentation/Workshop
> style meeting and get some activity started instead of discussion
> We agreed that the first meeting will be a talk about OpenStreetMap
> in approximately a month's time (making it June's meeting effectively) at
> St John Ambulance, in Hereford.
> Ben Proctor has kindly volunteered for this. I'm sure it will be a great
> talk and we will all learn something new ! I may well go check out the
> facilities beforehand. Further details when this is all confirmed.
> Just to confirm we will still be having most meetings at the Courtyard -
> any new venue will be only every 2-3 months for when we need a quieter room
> for presentations/workshops etc which we can call our own.
> Tim had the idea that we should setup a poll/questionnaire to capture the
> views on what sort of talks/presentations members would like, this will be
> setup in due course too, time permitting.
> I will be in touch with St John Ambulance soon.
> So we got through quite a bit on Wednesday - let's push this forward now ;-)
> Julian
> Herefordshire LUGMaster

regards Mark Taylor

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