[HLUG] Wednesday 18th June Next HLUG Special Event

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Open source and the professional audio/visual environment – 18 June 2014
This Wednesday 18th June 2014, Leominster, at the restored Grange (right out 
of the rail station then right through the carpark) – open to all

Herefordshire LUG is pleased to announce a special event demonstrating the 
use of open source tools in a professional multimedia environment. The event 
will be held at Grange Court in Leominster, Herefordshire and will start at 

There will be a collection to cover the small room booking fee.

Looking specifically at:
•Blender exampleBlender as a video editor. Demonstration/workshop into, 
navigating the monster that is the UI, the basics of editing, simple 
transition effects, and settings for rendering.
Ardour, Audacity how close is the experience to the proprietary software 

•Graphic Design,Gimp Example
Is it possible to make products that are on a level with their proprietary 

•Which distros should be considered for use?
•Is it possible to replace the proprietary software totally?
•What is holding many back from going permanently down this route?

Wifi and refreshments will be available. Further details nearer the event.

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Hi all

The date for the special event we will be having in June is now fixed, and
the room at Grange Court in Leominster is booked.  Hopefully we will have a
smoother run than the last room I booked, alarms going off, wrongly
supplied wifi codes, problems with paperwork et al.

Charlie (Brightfield) is putting together more details about what the event
will comprise, but it's along the lines of a workshop showing what can be
done with the best open source graphic and audio visual tools for creation
and editing/production for professional purposes.

I have just put together a 'Titanpad' (like Piratepad, and open source)

*http://titanpad.com/e52AXjtzAL <http://titanpad.com/e52AXjtzAL>*

so we can share info, as as well as the room booking details, publicity,
tasks to complete etc, similar to how we did for Software Freedom Day in
past years etc; we should do with promoting the event to other similarly
minded groups around the county.

The Titanpad is open to all, but can be rolled back like a wiki should it
be defaced. Please have a look and help out with any of the tasks or submit
ideas that you can help.

Please reply here or on the Titan pad link if you have any queries.

Many thanks

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