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Thu Sep 4 09:22:25 UTC 2014

Good idea to move the date. I would like to be involved. I am away from the 23/10 for about 3 weeks.



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Hi everyone

I thought I had sent this to the list but just to one member of the lug
instead who asked specifically

I don't think we will be able to do SFD this year as I had only a few
offers of help but more importantly when I asked All Saints if we can use
the exhibition space I haven't got a response yet (I emailed about three
weeks ago) perhaps she is on holiday.

Also when I checked, I'm actually away the week of SFD at IBC in Amsterdam
for work

So all in all not very good.

I think we might be better off arranging another day for our own
Herefordshire event say in October/ November to give us more time to get

So a bit of a shame but perhaps better to wait and get better prepared than
to try and rush an event

Interestingly the main SFD folk have had their own issues this summer and
so they aren't able to arrange the free goodie bags as they have previous
years either

Comments ?

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