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Pete info at lifespacedesign.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 14:13:34 UTC 2014

Hi Gang,
This just in from Perry Walker of New Economics Foundation

*From Perry: *

What it is: a trial  of a series of workshops that I will be running at
the South Bank in London on September 27th and 28th as part of the Web We
Want festival ­ see
When is it: 6.30pm on Thursday September 18th
How long for: 45 minute workshop + 30 minute debrief
What do I get for taking part: ?20 + the finest refreshments that my
budget of ?15 will cover + my undying gratitude
Where is it: Flat 1, Wyebridge House, 23 -24 Bridge Street, Hereford HR4
What sort of people are you looking for: up to eight people. Some
interest in the web and related issues like privacy and surveillance ­
but no special knowledge.
Tell me more about this digital bill of rights: This is an initiative of
the World Wide Web Foundation, set up by Tim Berners-Lee who invented the
web. Its purpose is to ³to tackle the fundamental obstacles to realizing
his vision of an open Web available, usable, and valuable for everyone.²
An article in the Guardian
ers-lee-web) says:
³The inventor of the world wide web believes an online "Magna Carta" is
needed to protect and enshrine the independence of the medium he created
and the rights of its users worldwide.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee<http://www.theguardian.com/technology/timbernerslee>
told the Guardian the web had come under increasing attack from
governments and corporate influence and that new rules were needed to
protect the "open, neutral" system.
Speaking exactly 25 years after he wrote the first draft of the first
proposal for what would become the world wide web, the computer scientist
said: "We need a global constitution ­ a bill of rights."
Berners-Lee's Magna Carta plan is to be taken up as part of an initiative
called "the web we want"<https://webwewant.org/>, which calls on people
to generate a digital bill of rights in each country ­ a statement of
principles he hopes will be supported by public institutions, government
officials and corporations.²

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