[HLUG] ODF The full story ..

Ann catether at talktalk.net
Fri Jan 9 20:21:26 UTC 2015

It seems of course that MS want everyone to use their software, I have 
no problems opening .docx in Libre Office but of course with MS it will 
not open all the open source software. I agree with Julian that it MS 
that are the culprit, but I cannot see them changing their ways.
On 09/01/15 18:04, Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> This blog post is an interesting read, in terms of ODF and the support MS
> Office offers and how the UK Govt will be working to this.
> Personally I find ODF support in MS office 2012 a bit fractured which of
> course some users will blame on poor exporting from Libreopffice to start
> with. But it seems to be poor importa and export support by MS that is
> really the culprit...
> Julian

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