[HLUG] Has anyone a serial-TTL to USB adapter to borrow?

Richard Leszczynski richardjrl at posteo.net
Fri Sep 21 22:38:57 UTC 2018


Is this the sort of thing you're after? I have to go to Malvern on 
Saturday morning/lunchtime, but you can come round to Stoke Lacy and 
collect it Saturday afternoon if it's what you need and no one closer to 
you has anything better.


It was working when last used... which was a while ago :( . Soldering 
may be required to alter voltage levels if the defaults aren't what you 
need but after a quick search for modding the Home Hub 5, it looks like 
you'll be doing a bit of that anyway,


On 21.09.2018 23:07, Julian Robbins via Herefordshire wrote:
> Hi
> For a project i'm going to install the open source router firmware onto 
> a
> BT HomeHub 5
> But to do this I need a serial-TTL to USB adapter
> As I want to get on with it this weekend does anyone have one I can 
> borrow
> ? No Maplins anymore to buy one either now :-(
> Anywhere in the county more of less would be fine. I can let you have 
> it
> back in a couple of days.
> Hope someone can help?
> Please feel free to post to other forums if you know anyone who has 
> one..
> Thanks
> Julian

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