[HLUG] Help Torios for old PCs (NON PAE)

George DiceGeorge dicegeorge at hotmail.com
Sun May 19 13:05:56 UTC 2019

"ToriOS is a GNU/Linux Operating System built for very old computers 
(NON PAE) and for those who are interested and brave enough to build 
their own system the way they like from a fully working base with GUI 
and minimal installed packages by default.

Firstly if you want to get involved you should get check out the project 
website at Torios.top.  Here you can find out more and a little about 
the small but dedicated team behind it.

The ToriOS project has two mailing lists, one is a general list and the 
other is to discuss issues around the development of the system.  List 
subscriptions re managed from Launchpad.

Please sign up to the main list from this page in the first instance. 
The main project page can be found at

Where we need help

At present we need help with :

Testing and bug reporting (if you are unsure how to submit bug reports 
via launchpad we can help with this, just ask) otherwise just sending to 
the list and being able to describe the issue, allows others to 
reproduce and confirm, or perhaps you can confirm the same issue,  it is 
equally valuable.

Documentation.  I am the main documentation lead for the project,  and 
the current manual can be found here. 

The manual is being written with LaTeX which is a document creation 
system.   I am also using Overleaf which is a editing and collaboration 
website.    There is however talk on creating a version of the manual in 
gitbook. This uses markdown.  There is room for both and a need for a 
both web based and pdf based documentation.  I will probably find it 
easier if people send me plain text files for the manual and I will just 
drop them in to the right place.

I have suggested that we need a good documentation for

OBI ;  One button installer,  this is a separate project to create a 
text based installer but is the installer that is used by ToriOS.  If we 
can create or keep documentation for OBI updated then it really helps, 
this same document can then also form part of a specific install manual 
for ToriOS.

JWM : JWM is the default window manager,  again good documentation for 
this, would help the ToriOS project too.

General ToriOS specific items, are part of the manual I am writing,  but 
by having separate documentation it keeps everything small and 
manageable.  So contributions to this are very welcome.  Forking the 
manual to gitbook and markdown is another way to contribute as it should 
be possible to keep both manuals in sync.    If you sign up to github 
then you can sign IN to gitbook using your github account.

Installation Manual(s): Would just cover installation

Screen shots of applications: These are more than welcome and can be 
used on the website,  in promotional materials and in documentation. 
Screenshots of specific items such as JWM settings manager helps 
multiple projects tool.

Testing Manual:  This can help people new to testing,  but also allow us 
to identify issues so the developers can work on fixing.  Testing can 
involve installing on a spare computer (recommended), Install into a 
virtual machine or dual booting*.

Dual booting carries all the usual risks of data loss if you are not 
careful and requires manual partitioning and you really need to know 
what you are doing.

By just using the OS you are helping with the project.  by helping with 
documentation just by sharing how to do something you are able to help 
and reduce the workload for others.   For example I am trying to 
describe each application in the menu system,  provide information on 
version and perhaps a screen shot of each.  So just by looking at the 
way this is presented and helping fill in the blanks is really appreciated.

DEVELOPMENT:  Last but not least we need help with the actual 
development of the system or system components,  help to fix bugs, 
write or improve components is essential.   Help ToriOS on its roadmap 
to version 2.0 and beyond.

DISCUSSIONS and FEEDBACK: We are an open community, small but dedicated, 
so if you join the discussion you can be part of the development 
process, regardless of who you are, experience level etc.

We look forward to people joining the team, contributing to free 
software and being part of something much much bigger.


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