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diddy old richard.didd at ntlworld.com
Sun Dec 7 10:44:46 GMT 2003

Its a permissions issue. I had the same issue on my apache server.

Can apache get full read write access to the web page files ? sounds a 
bit to simple but cout me out.

Also what group is apache in ?

For me the apache server was working but didnot  have access to the web 

you could do a test and  go into the directory of the web page and chmod 
777 (check up the chmod usage). chmod 777 will give all users all groups 
access to the current directory.

Try it out


Richard Didd

pinkster wrote:

> hi all,
> i was wondering if anyone could help me with a little problem i have.
> i am running apache 1.3.19 (well trying to) on my sharp zaurus sl5500 
> (linux pda) which is running openzaurus.
> i have installed apache using a ipkg to the compact flash card.
> it starts up fine but when i type the url in my browser i get the 
> following:
> Forbidden
> you don't have permission to access / on this sever
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> apache/1.3.19 sever at openzaurus Port 80
> and i get a similar message for all pages.
> i have tried a few things
> -firstly i thought that it might be because it uses symlinks so i 
> checked httpd.conf and it contains a line about following symlinks 
> already
> -secondly i thought it might be because only root have access to the 
> compact flash card(dont know why but every time a change the 
> permissions for the compact flash the revert to the original) so i 
> checked that root was running apache (which it was) and tried to open 
> the url with a username
> -thirdly i changed the severroot to point directly to the compact 
> flash card hence cutting the symlinks out of the proccess.
> none of the obove worked and i am stuck for idea's
> it never comes up with file not found just forbidden this suggest that 
> it can see the files.
> if anyone has any idea's i would greatly appriecaite them.
> >***pinkster***<
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