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tony.tibbenham at sonoco.com tony.tibbenham at sonoco.com
Tue Dec 16 18:02:10 GMT 2003


> I'm pretty new to Apache and have managed to get it running on an old
> machine connected to my network.

> Beyond this I am very stuck.
So are we:  It is running, what is the problem?

> IS there anyone out there in the Croxley/Watford area who can help?
When?  Is this a party invite?

> I am working alone here
You are never alone with the internet

> and there is a limit to what I can do on my own.
Usually true.

> I want to host my own pages on this old box
Do the pages exist?  Is it just html?

> and would like some useful advice...even if it is to read a manual

> I would like to meet up with any local geeks for advice.
Can you get to the monthly LUG meetings in Stevenage?

Some more questions:
   What do you want to achieve?
   Meet geeks?
   Serve http?
   Serve php / perl / python pages?
   Allow other people to create and manage their own pages of content on
   your server?
   What version of Apache are you using?
   What platform ?  Linux?  Which version?
   Is this Apache server visible to the internet?  It should be locked down
   and patched regardless, the only difference is the urgency of locking
   What else does this 'old box' have to do?
   How much downtime can you accept ?
   Is this a 'production', 'test' or 'training' box?

Have you checked apache.org?  or googled for Apache security tutorial ?  It
reveals some fascinating sites.



I have manuals that go through LAMP programming (Linux, Apache, MySQL and
PHP ) but they refer to Apache 1.3.

Tell us a bit more detail about what you want to do and we may be able to
offer some better targeted advice.

If you want a 'build an Apache server' party then propose a date and time,
provide sufficient pizza and beer and I'm sure some of us will be able to
pop round [hey, I live in Bedfordshire but I am usually up for a party!]



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