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Given the enthusiasm in LUG's for getting Linux into schools I thought the
attached message was worth broadcasting.  Please respond directly to Jon

(forwarded with the permission of Jon Hunt.  Originally received via MK LUG
mailing list)

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From: Jonathon Hunt <jon.hunt at becta.org.uk>
Subject: Schools using open source software
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:47:24 +0000

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Jon Hunt and I work for Becta's Independent Procurement
Advisory Service (Ipas). We are currently conducting a number of total
cost of ownership studies of ICT in educational institutions, and are
keen to extend these to include schools using open source software.

I am currently pulling together a list of schools in England that are
using open source software, based on desk research, using sources such
as http://www.schoolforge.org.uk, http://casestudy.seul.org and the
suse-linux-uk-schools list archives.

I would be interested to hear of any particularly notable case studies
you know about? I would be very grateful for any information or advice
you could provide.

Becta, the British Educational Communications & Technology Agency, is
the Government's lead agency for ICT in education.

Many thanks,

Jon Hunt
IPAS - Independent Procurement Advisory Service, Becta
Tel: +44 (0)24 7684 7190
http://ipas.ngfl.gov.uk   http://www.becta.org.uk

-- My thoughts  --
This is a chance to get education advisors to recognise the benefits of
Linux.  Becta's web site includes such gems as "Microsoft Licencing
Negotiations" which is interesting reading.

So, a chance for all those schools and colleges who have used GNU/Linux to
detail the benefits they have received and answer the question "is Linux
cheaper for education".

If nothing else offering real competition may encourage existing suppliers
to keep their licencing fees low.

Anyone got some good stories to tell?



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