[Herts] Wireless Networking with Linux

Nicolas Pike herts at lug.org.uk
Wed Oct 22 22:43:59 BST 2003


I am keen to get a wireless network for home and pub use (!) Now, I already
have a smoothwall firewall, which works fine so just want to find a flexible
way of linking in a wireless network. I don't really want another
DHCP/NAT/Firewall to worry about!!

So a few options are being considered..

>From www.Ebuyer.com

Linksys Wireless-G 54mbps Broadband Router 45023
Buffalo 54mbps Wireless Broadband Router 128bit-wep (802.11g) 44051

>From www.Simply.co.uk

U.S. Robotics Wireless Turbo Access Point & Router - Router

U.S. Robotics Wireless Turbo Multi-Function Access Point - Radio access
point - EN, Fast EN, Wi-Fi, 802.11g

Basically we just need to decide if we need the router version or slightly
more expensive / flexible Access Point
 only version. The other problem is finding a card with Linux drivers!!

The Access Point (Only) seems more flexible than the AP plus router, but
still left with a problem of Linux drivers?

Any thoughts????



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