[Herts] Wireless Networking with Linux

Cyberesque cyberesque at softhome.net
Wed Oct 22 23:50:48 BST 2003

On Wednesday, October 22, 2003 11:44 PM,
Nicolas Pike <herts at lug.org.uk> was rumoured to have said:

> Hi,
> I am keen to get a wireless network for home and pub use (!) Now, I
> already have a smoothwall firewall, which works fine so just want to
> find a flexible way of linking in a wireless network. I don't really
> want another DHCP/NAT/Firewall to worry about!!

Not sure if this is something to consider (quoted from another list)

Now - speaking of TCP/IP...  I am somewhat familiar with the basics of it,
but the problem I still have with the wlan card is getting it to
automatically make the request to the access point for an IP address.
Currently I just have a script on my desktop that I run manually after
inserting the card.  It's very simple:

#! /bin/bash
su -c "pump -i wlan0" - root

I get prompted for the root pw, and assuming I enter it correctly the card
now has an IP address.  DHCP always worked before automatically with the
wired eth0 interface, btw.  Also note that I have the following line in

iface wlan0 inet dhcp

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