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Fosdem Organization pr at fosdem.org
Wed Feb 11 21:35:34 GMT 2004


The purpose of this e-mail is to invite you to attend the next edition 
of FOSDEM. This fourth edition will take place on the 21th and 22th of 
february 2004 in Brussels (see http://www.fosdem.org for more info). 
The previous edition encountered a huge success with more than 1500 developers 
coming from all over the world to attend the talks of famous figures of
the Free Software and Open Source community.

This year, will be present (in alphabetical order):

Bill Haneman - GOK
Dave Cross - Perl
Denis Oliver Kropp - DirectFB
Dominique Colnet - SmartEiffel
Florent Benoit - JOnAS
Gunnar Schmi Dt - KDE Accessibility Project
Hans Reiser - Reiser4
Henning Brauer - OpenBSD
Ian Formanek - Netbeans
Jon 'Maddog' Hall - Closing talk
Jonathan Corbet - Kernel modules 
Keith Packard - Within X 
Mathias Brossard - Cryptonit
Richard Kilmer - Ruby
Richard M Stallman - FSF
Robert Love - The Linux Kernel and the Desktop
Roger Butenuth - BRASS
Stefan Seefeld - Fresco
Tim O'Reilly - Introduction talk
Tom Kistner - Current Antispam techniques
Tom Tromey - GCJ 

And many others who will be giving talks and tutorials, ...

Several Free or Open Source Software projects have decided to hold a meeting during FOSDEM. It is a great occasion to meet core developers from Debian, Java, OpenMosix, MySQL, KDE, Mozilla, Tcl, Embedded Software.

Moreover, the FSF award will be handed out during the FOSDEM 2004 by Richard
Stallman and other members from the Free Software Foundation.

FOSDEM's goal is to provide Free Software and Open Source developers and communities the opportunity to learn and discuss the latest developments in the Free and Open Source arena and to promote the development and the benefits of Free and Open Source solutions. 

The speakers mainly talk about technologies and make technical speeches.

The event is totally free.

This is a non-commercial event organised by people from the community. 
So we would like to thank our sponsors who have understood this and helped us making FOSDEM possible to happen this year again in the same spirit. Those include: O'Reilly, Argon7, Linux Magazine, Linux.com, GNU/Linux Magazine France, Linux-Magazin, Todo Linux, Linux Weekly News, MySQL, ...
We encourage you to support FOSDEM if you appreciate the event and want it to continue in the same spirit. More information about the FOSDEM 2004 support operation at: http://www.fosdem.org/2004/index/support/

We hope to see you there. 


Damien Sandras
Community Contact

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