[Herts] RE: Debian Install

Nicolas Pike herts at lug.org.uk
Sun Feb 15 00:22:32 GMT 2004


Thanks for the very useful links re installing etc Debian. I now have all
the basic stuff going, and have upgraded Postfix and Apache2 from
www.backports.org successfully.

For all the installs I have done so far the required .deb files have been in
say, postfix/i386 on backport.org I have just added postfix to the
backport.org sources.list and I have used apt-get install postfix to install
them with no problems. But the kernel images are a few more levels down the
directory structure. I am unsure how I should specify the path in the
sources.list file? I have tried just using the path but that fails.

For example...

If I add a backport.org sources.list entry for kernel-2.6 then apt-get
update does not complain, ok so far.
But "apt-get install
kernel-image-2.6.2-1-386_2.6.2-0.backports.org.1_i386.deb" fails with file
not found.
Adding the "full" path to the sources.list entry does not seem to help.

Current Sources.list file extract

deb http://www.uk.backports.org/debian stable postfix apache2
deb-src http://www.uk.backports.org/debian stable postfix apache2
deb http://www.uk.backports.org/debian stable kernel-image-2.6.2-i386

Rambling on .. then, but it is late and the wheat beer was nice!!!

I suppose the real question is.. How does apt-get use the sources.list
entries to traverse/search directories?


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