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Ron Johnson head_hertfordstandrews at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 12:57:03 GMT 2004

Dear Oli

You wrote
> How can I fight this apathy and inability to
> consider change? Any ideas?

I'm new to this list and dont know whats gone on b4.

I am also no techie, however we do have a small Linux
suite and OOffice for our pupils, which I can
recommend (but it is Primary) a friend (Primary 50
PCs) is just starting with Star Office - which I think
has Educational OPtions and will support - 

Sometimes people will not listen to TANSTAAFL. There
may be no free lunch, but there are millions of people
that want to help each other.

I certainly agree with other chap, approach it
sideways offer a few alternatives/choices. Speak to
others. Do not be frightened to be crafty, schools
usually get things wrong (its obligatory to the job).

Very wise not to confront the protaganist head on
(surely you don't think they will see your
points?)Unfortunately the bigger the idiot you
confront, the bigger their resilence and the bigger
their lack of understanding. They think youre the
idiot. (I'm presuming your not)

Best of Luck

God Bless


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