[Herts] OSSS

Oliver Cole stormeagle at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 15 17:55:40 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 12:25, Steve Davies wrote:

> This is a common scenario, and I've been there several times. I usually
> take one or both of the following aproaches.
> 1) Calculate the cost of buying a copy of Win2k3 with as many per-seat
> Present the comparison to someone who is close to the purse strings,
> rather than to the source of resistance. Then wait a while...

Hrm... the intranet server is really a pilot to demonstrate open source.
They could very well, and may still well (meaning I'll need to find a
new pilot) run the intranet off one of the existing Win 2K servers.

> 2) The JFDI (Just F*** Do It) school of intranet.

Can I get a qualification from there? :)

> It costs nothing except a little time to put the software you mention onto
> a spare server, so do it in your own time. Once this is done, choose a
> small pet project, and implement it.

Much as I would install RH on the spare server (and we do have one, not
bad spec either) at the drop of a hat, without proper authorisation
(read: discussion with aforementioned b**ch IT staff member), this is
the kind of thing that would get me suspended, and probably expelled.

> Then arrange for the results to be on
> the screen when an appropriately influential person is walking past :-)

Heh... thats funny... influential people... haha... hehe.. in... haha..
a CLASSROOM ?! Oh you crack me up you really do. *eyes streaming with

> I applied this theory where one of the senior directors had literally
> banned the use of Linux in the office. Needles to say, 6 months later the
> ban was lifted :-)

I know managers who would have fired you for that! Well done though, the
resistance to change of some people is unbelieveable.

I should point out at this stage that the conversation with
aformentioned female IT staff was a result of a 16 page report I wrote,
handed to and discussed with the headteacher. If you would like I will email it to you.

She is going to see him tomorrow afternoon, and the discussion was
intended to clear up any questions before she discussed it with the
head, but almost descended into a slugging match.


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