[Herts] PHP/MySQL developer job in MK/Bletchley area

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Anyone out there a good PHP / MySQL developer?

Forwarded with permission of Matthew Ballinger.  Please contact Matthew
directly if interested.


Tony T
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I'm not sure if Matthew is on the list or not, but please contact him
directly if you're interested, thanks.

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Hi Denny,

I came to a couple of your meetings last year and thought that you are
most likely the person who could help point me in the right direction.

I run a web development company in MK.  We currently do work for Nestle,
Lego, Gillette, Unilever etc? mostly in ASP, however we do have an
increasing number of clients we have migrated to PHP/MySQL/Apache on
Linux. Currently there are just 2 of us capable of developing this code
as our other staff are really MS only developers.

We have an immediate need for a developer to help us take this side of
the business forward as we have several new projects including a new
flight booking engine with Lastminute.com as well as a web office system
to develop in the next few months.

We are looking for someone to fill this position on a permanent basis
and are able to offer a good package for the right person.

In short, I wondered if you knew anyone who might be looking for a role
like this?

Appreciate your help.  Many thanks

Matthew Ballinger
Tel: 08707 654840
Mobile: 07974 643740

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