[Herts] Interesting debate

Cyberesque cyberesque at softhome.net
Mon Jan 26 21:51:44 GMT 2004

Shamelessly stolen from my other list.
Just thought I'd share.

Samsung quotes:

>"Almost no CD writer available in the market is compatible with Linux/Unix.
>The only recommended operating systems for using CD writers are Windows
>95/98/2000/XP and NT. The recording programs do not support most of the
>other operating systems. In other words: under Linux/Unix etc. CD writers
>will work like a normal CD-ROM drive."

And one of our guys replied:
Ironically, the only manufacturer I know that put "Linux compatible" on
the box was LG.  Oops.

A better way of phrasing Sansung's statement would be "Almost all CD
writers available in the market are compatible with Linux/Unix, but we
prefer to let the guys in the Linux kernel development team do the hard

I have noticed a lot of manufacturers say they only support windows; Yet
they supply linux drivers on the CD, but don't bother to mention the fact
anywhere which infuriates me.

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