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Cyberesque cyberesque at softhome.net
Mon May 3 17:05:29 BST 2004

Appologies for the repost, but I don't think it went first time.
png available for those who want to see it.

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Subject: Home.desktop has no type

Oh poo, what have I done?

I was trying to print a webpage to file (as currently I have no
printer attached).
I tried to create a folder on the desktop but it didn't appear, now
the desktop icons take forever to appear and my home icon has changed
into a KDE gear.
I also now get the following error:

Error - KDesktop
"The destop entry file
/home/synapse/Desktop/Home.desktop has no
Type=... entry."

That sounds pretty terminal. Please tell me what has happened (if you can)
and how to put it right.

In addition to this, I've had a look at the file properties of
"Home.desktop" and it's now being seen as a postscript file. I'm sure that's
not correct.
I've searched for answers on the web, but haven't found anything useful yet.

Many thanks

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