[Herts] Re: Home.desktop has no type

Neil Youngman n.youngman at ntlworld.com
Mon May 3 17:55:10 BST 2004

On Monday 03 May 2004 5:07 pm, Cyberesque wrote:


> I was trying to print a webpage to file (as currently I have no
> printer attached).
> I tried to create a folder on the desktop but it didn't appear, now
> the desktop icons take forever to appear and my home icon has changed
> into a KDE gear.
> I also now get the following error:
> Error - KDesktop
> "The destop entry file
> /home/synapse/Desktop/Home.desktop has no
> Type=... entry."
> That sounds pretty terminal. Please tell me what has happened (if you can)
> and how to put it right.
> In addition to this, I've had a look at the file properties of
> "Home.desktop" and it's now being seen as a postscript file. I'm sure
> that's not correct.
> I've searched for answers on the web, but haven't found anything useful
> yet.

The presence of postscript in this file suggests that your attempt to print to 
a file has overwritten Home.Desktop

I get 

1004 > file Desktop/Home.desktop
Desktop/Home.desktop: UTF-8 Unicode text
1005 > 

Maybe you should recover if from a backup, or if you don't have a backup, 
delete it and see if it will recreate it for you. Failing that maybe you 
could copy another users Home.Desktop

From looking at mine, it doesn't look as though it contains anything too 


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