[Herts] Teaching an old dog new tricks

Lexx linux at cyberesque.com
Thu May 20 23:10:17 BST 2004

I have a very old Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDS and I'd like to put a new
disti on it. It currently has Debian on it, but it isn't working well. I
tried to install Mandrake 9.2 on it but it hung after mouse selection. I
did get a message saying low on resources, but even a text install
didn't improve things.
Anyone any ideas how I might overcome this?

My other option is putting something totally new on it. I was thinking
of SuSE, has anyone tried installing this on an old laptop? Has anyone
got any better suggestions? (I don't want to try Red Hat / Eudora just

Any help, thoughts appreciated
Registered Linux User No.316991
MDK 9.2 / Kernel / KDE 3.1

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