[Herts] Keysigning event

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Thu Feb 2 01:25:56 GMT 2006

I've mentioned before about arranging a keysigning event at the LUG. Some of 
the newer members are already using GPG encryption, so I'm proposing 
something for the next meeting.

For those who don't know much about public key encryption the idea is that you 
create your own key and then get others to digitally sign it to verify who 
you are. This helps to build a 'web of trust' where you can assume that a key 
is reliable if it has been signed by either people you trust or by those they 

To make our keysigning easier I have set up a 'keyring' on Biglumber. This 
site exists to allow you to find people interested in signing keys in your 
area. I added a listing for the LUG and have assigned a keyring to it. As of 
now it's just got my key on it.

http://www.biglumber.com/x/web?ev=80610 (there is a https version of the site 
if you prefer more security)

If you are interested in taking part then add your key, either by registering 
on Biglumber or by just pasting it in. At the meeting you will need some form 
of photo-ID, e.g. passport or driving licence, to prove who you are.

Lots of encryption related links at


If you have any questions then post them to the list.

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