[Herts] Keysigning event

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 13:02:54 GMT 2006

I'm planning a presentation on Asterisk telephones for February so there 
may not be a lot of time.
Could I suggest just an mention of keysigning in Feb, perhaps just 
telling people how to create their own key, with the main keysigning 
event postponed to March.

Steve Clark wrote:
> I've mentioned before about arranging a keysigning event at the LUG. Some of 
> the newer members are already using GPG encryption, so I'm proposing 
> something for the next meeting.
> For those who don't know much about public key encryption the idea is that you 
> create your own key and then get others to digitally sign it to verify who 
> you are. This helps to build a 'web of trust' where you can assume that a key 
> is reliable if it has been signed by either people you trust or by those they 
> trust.
> To make our keysigning easier I have set up a 'keyring' on Biglumber. This 
> site exists to allow you to find people interested in signing keys in your 
> area. I added a listing for the LUG and have assigned a keyring to it. As of 
> now it's just got my key on it.
> http://www.biglumber.com/x/web?ev=80610 (there is a https version of the site 
> if you prefer more security)
> If you are interested in taking part then add your key, either by registering 
> on Biglumber or by just pasting it in. At the meeting you will need some form 
> of photo-ID, e.g. passport or driving licence, to prove who you are.
> Lots of encryption related links at
> http://del.icio.us/steevc/encryption
> If you have any questions then post them to the list.
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