[Herts] Keysigning event

Ian Gregory yahoo at zenatode.org.uk
Sat Feb 4 05:23:45 GMT 2006

On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 02:40:51PM +0000, Steve Clark wrote:

> To make our keysigning easier I have set up a 'keyring' on Biglumber. This 
> site exists to allow you to find people interested in signing keys in your 
> area. I added a listing for the LUG and have assigned a keyring to it. As of 
> now it's just got my key on it.

Now it has mine too, but it won't be visible till you approve it.

First I had to install gnupg on my iBook. I had installed it last
year using Fink but then deleted all the Fink stuff. Now I am using
DarwinPorts and I installed it using that. My key is one that I
created back in 2000 on a Solaris box at work. Since then I have
added a new UID using --edit-key and revoked the signature on my
original UID (because I had lost use of the UH email address). The
key has been on keyservers for a while now, for example on

Anyway, I created my own individual Biglumber listing as well as
adding my key to the HertsLUG keyring.


Ian Gregory

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