[Herts] Old PC sale

tony black anthonyjamesblack at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 18 18:35:19 GMT 2006

I've recently upgraded my main pc to 64bit, so I will be selling the 
following, im up for offers:

1x P4C 2.6Gig with HT tech
1x Epox 4DPA2+ custom motherboard (great overclocker)
1x Liquid Cooling kit with the following:
    Two 12cm fan cooled radiator,
    P4 Liquid cooling block (Artic cooling I think)
    Radeon 9*** Liquid cooling block
    Various lengths of tubing

The liquid set is leak free, you use ionized watter (battery topup water 
from halfords) so its high conductiveness incase of you spill any.

I use to run the P4 at 4.4gig with this set.

Im after sensable offers... So no "£4.50 for the P4!" he he he.


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