[Herts] Old PC sale

brigsy at fishermansfriends.com brigsy at fishermansfriends.com
Sun Feb 19 04:30:24 GMT 2006

So we are doing classified ads here now are we. Hold on i will advertise
all my stuff here instead of ebay.

On 18/3/2006, "tony black" <anthonyjamesblack at ntlworld.com> wrote:

>I've recently upgraded my main pc to 64bit, so I will be selling the
>following, im up for offers:
>1x P4C 2.6Gig with HT tech
>1x Epox 4DPA2+ custom motherboard (great overclocker)
>1x Liquid Cooling kit with the following:
>    Two 12cm fan cooled radiator,
>    Pump,
>    P4 Liquid cooling block (Artic cooling I think)
>    Radeon 9*** Liquid cooling block
>    Various lengths of tubing
>The liquid set is leak free, you use ionized watter (battery topup water
>from halfords) so its high conductiveness incase of you spill any.
>I use to run the P4 at 4.4gig with this set.
>Im after sensable offers... So no "£4.50 for the P4!" he he he.
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