[Herts] rant

Ian Gregory yahoo at zenatode.org.uk
Mon Feb 27 21:47:32 GMT 2006

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 08:23:58PM +0100, brigsy at fishermansfriends.com wrote:

> Tony and all
> I will not apologies for my comments and will fight with my life to
> defend my right to speak out.

You have a right to say whatever you like on this list. I also
have a right to object when I return from two weeks working in
Wales without Internet access, check my email, and find that
for no good reason you are accusing me and every other subscriber
on this list (or at least all contributors to this thread) of being
"poor sick sad people".
> As for threads can somebody educate me? i seem to be missing something
> here.

A "thread" is the set of all messages in reply to a message which
was not itself a reply to a message. The author of the original
message is referred to as the "original poster" or OP (at least
in Usenet parlance - it is reasonable to use the same terminology
for mailing lists). In this thread for example the OP was Tony,
and the subject of the original message was "rant".
> I would at least would like the chance to see what other people are
> saying and or defend myself.
> Or read the thoughts of others on different threads and maybe become a
> more active member.

If you are subscribed to this list then you will be seeing messages
from all threads, but almost all the recent messages have been in
this one. I don't think there was anything wrong with Tony's
original post. If he had known about Jac & Richard's tragedy he
would probably not have said what he did, but he didn't know, and
there was no reason to expect that he would have done.

When Tony referred to a recent post as "unfortunate" he may have
been referring to yours, but I suspect he was referring to my
response - I don't know because he didn't say. He has said
that he will not post anything else in this thread and that his
up to him, but he can not expect others to refrain from posting
to it should they be so inclined.

I am sorry for any offense I caused to anyone else, but it
was your ill considered blanket condemnation of every hertslug
subscriber which was out of order and I don't regret calling
you on it. I would like to think that you have learned something
from this but I am not going to "demand" an apology or anything
silly like that - I am quite happy to move on.


Ian Gregory

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