[Herts] rant

Neil Youngman ny at youngman.org.uk
Tue Feb 28 07:46:34 GMT 2006

On Monday 27 Feb 2006 19:23, brigsy at fishermansfriends.com wrote:
> Tony and all
> I will not apologies for my comments and will fight with my life to
> defend my right to speak out.
> I do feel we are supposed to be a community, and as such should make an
> effort to know each other. Or at least have a common cause, which lets
> face it we are all rebels as far as Bill Gates is concerned.

The two posts I remember from you I would describe as abrupt, aggressive and 
confrontational and negative. As a way of building a community and a common 
cause, that's the wrong way to go about it.

The first paragraph of this message fits that style totally. You can speak out 
as much as you like. Others will do the same and draw their own conclusions 
from your attitude.

What I would expect from a LUG mailing list is a discussion on a range of 
topics, mainly centred around Linux and computers, but covering anything that 
we might discuss over a pint at the bar. The posts you objected to I thought 
were entirely appropriate, although the tone of the discussion on turnout 
might not have been right, Nevertheless it was a much better tone than your 

Neil Youngman

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