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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Wed Jul 5 10:45:49 BST 2006

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The list seems to have gone quiet again of late. Even the IRC channel is
fairly quiet, although I usually get a response if I ask questions there.

Anyone got anything interesting to report or to show off at the next
meet? I'll just post what I've been up to and see if it stimulates anything.

I'm still playing with Kubuntu Dapper. It's generally very good. I just
have a few issues, the odd crash and sometimes it doesn't recognise my
PCI USB2 card.

I currently use an ageing Duron 1200 based PC. Plunging hardware prices
make me think that it's time to build a new one. I've been looking at
the costs of an AMD64 system. My preferences are for a small, quiet
(mATX) unit. I'd expect to be able to build a pretty capable PC for
under £500. I'll resist the temptation to get nostalgic about how little
that would have bought not so long ago.

If you are looking for a decent desk, I can recommend the Ikea Jerker(!)
I just built. It's pictures on the left at
http://steevc.multiply.com/photos/photo/13/9, but since then I have
added an upper shelf and a side unit for the printer. If you Google the
name you will find many devotees, some with incredible amounts of kit on
their desk.

As far as interesting web stuff goes, I've been playing with
http://claimid.com/steevc. This site allows you to 'claim' sites that
you have created or want to be associated with. If you have a common
name then any search is going to uncover lots of irrelevant stuff. I'm
interested in the concepts around on-line identity and this seems like a
good idea, but you can do something similar from your own web site, if
you have one. I added a link to my page there and it seems to have done
something in Google as a search for my name now finds my site with a
fairly high ranking. Of course I may be storing up trouble by revealing
so much about myself on-line. Any thoughts?

See you next week.

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