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Lance Haig lhaig at haigmail.com
Wed Jul 5 12:37:52 BST 2006


I have been playing with Vmware gsx server on a SUSE 10.1 system.

Works quite well at the moment.


Steve Clark wrote:
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> The list seems to have gone quiet again of late. Even the IRC channel is
> fairly quiet, although I usually get a response if I ask questions there.
> Anyone got anything interesting to report or to show off at the next
> meet? I'll just post what I've been up to and see if it stimulates anything.
> I'm still playing with Kubuntu Dapper. It's generally very good. I just
> have a few issues, the odd crash and sometimes it doesn't recognise my
> PCI USB2 card.
> I currently use an ageing Duron 1200 based PC. Plunging hardware prices
> make me think that it's time to build a new one. I've been looking at
> the costs of an AMD64 system. My preferences are for a small, quiet
> (mATX) unit. I'd expect to be able to build a pretty capable PC for
> under £500. I'll resist the temptation to get nostalgic about how little
> that would have bought not so long ago.
> If you are looking for a decent desk, I can recommend the Ikea Jerker(!)
> I just built. It's pictures on the left at
> http://steevc.multiply.com/photos/photo/13/9, but since then I have
> added an upper shelf and a side unit for the printer. If you Google the
> name you will find many devotees, some with incredible amounts of kit on
> their desk.
> As far as interesting web stuff goes, I've been playing with
> http://claimid.com/steevc. This site allows you to 'claim' sites that
> you have created or want to be associated with. If you have a common
> name then any search is going to uncover lots of irrelevant stuff. I'm
> interested in the concepts around on-line identity and this seems like a
> good idea, but you can do something similar from your own web site, if
> you have one. I added a link to my page there and it seems to have done
> something in Google as a search for my name now finds my site with a
> fairly high ranking. Of course I may be storing up trouble by revealing
> so much about myself on-line. Any thoughts?
> See you next week.
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