[Herts] Herts LUG Meeting Wednesday 8th November.

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Wed Nov 8 14:11:37 GMT 2006

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nicolas wrote:
> Herts LUG Meeting Wednesday 8th November. 
> Have you considered doing any Linux exams, Red Hat or any others? A
> topic for tomorrows meeting 

Rob already volunteered to talk about his experience of this.

I've had some thought on subjects I would like to hear more about:

1. Virtual machines. What are people using them for?

2. Using gadgets with Linux. LUG folk have various PDAs, phone, audio
players that they want to use with Linux. What are the options and what
is possible? This will be helpful to those looking to buy these sorts of
gadgets. Personally I have a Palm that I synchronise with Korganiser
(but have had some issues with that). I also have a PocketPC PDA, but
that seems to be trickier to use with Linux.

3. Media centres. One of these days I'd like to build some sort of media
server PC for my home for audio playing and TV recording. Is anyone
using anything like MythTV?

4. Video editing. Anyone editing DV footage and converting to DVD? I've
mentioned this before, but would still like to see a demo.

I think these are all subjects that benefit from the LUG environment so
you can actually see them working rather than just reading about them.

I would be happy to talk about encryption (I did a talk ages ago) or the
Semantic Web (e.g. FOAF). I'm not an expert on either, but both benefit
from people working together so if I can get others to use them then
there is some mutual benefit.

See you tonight

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