[Herts] Introduction

Malcolm Smith malc at thesmith.org.uk
Sun Nov 19 14:16:55 GMT 2006

On Tue, Oct 10, 2006 at 11:21:03AM +0100, Tom Chance wrote:
> Ahoy,
[Oops, sorry - another 'delayed reply' from my email vortex:]


> I've just moved to St Albans, so I thought I'd say "hello", and say a little 
> about my interests.
Hi Tom,

Welcome to Herts.
I just found once again your Ugly Gardens Project that I wrote to you
in praise of back in 2004, and am laughing out loud that it got to
be featured in The Daily Mail :-)


Wow, and you turned down Richard and Judy!

> I've been using free software for about six years, and running some variety of 
> Linux exclusively for a little over four. At the moment I've settled on 
> Kubuntu. I'm a philosopher by training, with a sideline in geekery and an 
> interest in free culture & free software.
> I'm a KDE press officer on sabbatical while I look for a job. I was involved 
> in the fight against software patents, going out to Brussels on several 
> occasions to harass MEPs. These days I spend most of my geek-time being 
> active in the free culture / iCommons / Creative Commons community, 
> co-founding Remix Reading (www.remixreading.org / www.remixcommons.org) and 
> Free Culture UK (www.freeculture.org.uk). I've also been working on 
> OpenStreetMap (www.openstreetmap.org) for a couple of months, which I hear my 
> friend Robert helped present to you last month, and I've made a start on St 
> Albans.
> I probably won't make it to the meeting tomorrow, but I'm investigating 
> buses :o)
I'll be going to the next meeting on December 13th, and should be able
to give you a lift if you need one. Tell me off list.


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