[Herts] OpenStreetMap is getting better

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Mon Nov 27 09:28:00 GMT 2006

There has been some good progress on their map page. The old system that
was available when they came and talked to us was unreliable and slow.
Now it's much more like Google Maps


This version does not cover the whole world yet, but they are working on it.

Some people have been experimenting further and putting up their own
versions. This one uses the whole browser window and has more recent
data. It also offers some alternative views, but I'm not sure what they
all are


It's nice to see the roads I've mapped appearing in such a pretty form.

One of the developers has raised enough sponsorship for individuals to
dedicate this whole month to working on the project. He also has extra
sponsorship from Multimap, so more improvements are likely.

Personally I still want to complete the mapping of Arlesey, but just
haven't had the time. There's plenty of other rural areas around here
that need doing.


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