[Herts] Re: Herts Digest, Vol 124, Issue 5

Robin Smith robin at uk-smiths.com
Sun Jan 14 15:44:49 GMT 2007

A friend of mine has just got one last week - I have the older 770.
The new one has more memory and is faster and also a webcam which is fun 
but I'm not sure how useful it is.

We tested googletalk between the Nokias the other day and it worked well 
and the voice quality was excellent.

The only bad thing about the new Nokia compared to the old one is that 
it doesn't come with a metal case that protects the screen.



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>As we're talking about phones and I mentioned this to Tony on Wednesday, 
>here's an article on the new N800
>I'm starting to see the appeal of it as a wireless internet/entertainment 
>device that can also work with a Bluetooth phone (which I don't have). It 
>means you can just carry your cheap phone when that's all you need. Storage 
>is only limited by how many 2GB SD cards you want to buy and they are cheap.
>I would be more likely to get one of these than an iphone, but don't 
>desperately need either at the moment. Doesn't stop me wanting one though.

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