[Herts] Free to good home

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 11:57:49 GMT 2007

I'd rather have the N800 thanks!

And I'm sure I can find a use for my old Nokia 770

Actually I could do with a cassette deck that I could use to transcribe 
some old tapes - it could then go back into the "Free to a good home" list.


nicolas wrote:
> Hi,
> OK slightly off topic but here goes..
> Free to good home / homes
> Pioneer F77l Tuner - Works fine good condition
> Pioneer Cassette Deck - Works fine top of the line model...
> Sony reel to reel - Capstan motor slips, comes with 20+ reels of tape,
> various artists
> Regards
> Nicolas

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