Kubuntu problems. Was Re: [Herts] Free to good home

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Wed Jan 24 10:11:11 GMT 2007

Steve Clark wrote:
> The graphics card has been causing me some issues. I think I have the
> right drivers now (nvidia-glx-legacy), but not KDE does not always start
> properly. startx was failing totally, but I managed to fix that.
> Sometimes I just get a bare desktop with just a konsole window that has
> no title bar. I ran kicker and that sometimes fixes things, but not always.
> I'm trying my luck on the Ubuntu forums, but I may be on #hertslug
> tonight if anyone wants to try and help.

An update on my progress. I managed to sort most of the issues with help
from the forums. It was mainly a case of removing some temporary files.
I'm wondering if it was worth using this card (MX400) as it doesn't seem
any faster than the on-board nforce2. The image quality seems slightly
better, but I have to put up with the extra noise of the GPU fan.

My next issue to resolve is getting some of the services running. I've
lost CUPS and atd. So I've got no printing. I need the latter to play
with Zapdvb, a digital TV recorder that uses cron jobs to do timed
recordings. I've done some with Kaffeine, but that has to be left
running all the time.

I've been thinking that perhaps we should have regular IRC meetings,
e.g. once a week, to supplement the monthly meet. Any thoughts?
Generally there are only 3 or 4 people on the IRC and some of those may
be away from their PC. Maybe we should have a demo of IRC at a meeting
for those who are new to it.


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