[Herts] Mashing up the LUG

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Jul 24 14:28:48 BST 2007

nicolas wrote:
> 3. Steve would you like to start a group on mugshot, then I can link to
> it.

It took but a few seconds to create our group


Their URLs are a bit cryptic unfortunately. I've made it an open group,
so anyone can join. You need to sign up to Mugshot, but that's fairly
painless. You can give as little detail about yourself as you want.
The main thing you will want to set up is a link to your blog and/or web
site. You have the option to include other services you use.

I suggest we have a play with it for a while to see if people use it
before linking from the LUG site.

Maybe we can discuss this and other issues around the web site at the
next meeting. I hope to be there.


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