[Herts] Mashing up the LUG

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Jul 24 16:33:00 BST 2007

Steve Clark wrote:
> nicolas wrote:
>> 3. Steve would you like to start a group on mugshot, then I can link to
>> it.
> It took but a few seconds to create our group
> http://mugshot.org/group?who=qY4LgB2kpSyJWm

Well there are three of us in the group already :)

I'm still playing with this, but I found out how you can add item to the
group. Go to:


You can either install their application or just drag a bookmarklet into
your bookmarks. When you click it for a page it will ask you where you
want to post it. They call this a 'Web Swarm'.

You can click on any item and 'Quip' on it, but only if you have signed
up. I guess they have to do something to cut the risk of spam. It might
be nice if they could add OpenID.

Share and enjoy :)


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