[Herts] Sound talk

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Thu May 17 16:41:25 BST 2007

David Honour wrote:
> It would mean bringing my rig down + keyboard and decent speakers, but it 
> should be doable.
> I was thinking that i could bring down keyboard and guitar and make an example 
> piece, record it, add effects, mix it, master it, burn it!

That sounds awesome. Do you think it's viable in a 60-90 minute slot? I
can bring a guitar and possibly other stuff if it make it easier for
you. I'm working out what kit I would need to start on some recording.

> I would discuss:
> -Jack
> -Ardour
> -Rosegarden
> -Hydrogen
> -Jack Rack
> -JAMin

I've read about some of those. I'm keeping an eye on Jokosher. It looks
like a good tool for the basic stuff I want. I've played briefly with
Audacity, but I don't think it's really targeted at multi-track recording.

I look forward to the talk. Perhaps we can discuss it on IRC some time.


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