[Herts] New web site

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 11:30:24 GMT 2007

I think that Wiki-like facilities are really necessary. Blogs are OK but 
I'm not clear how you would keep one topic in one place in a blog.
I'm not *so* keen on a wiki that we have to have a "real" one, but I 
would like to see an indexable topic list/menu with pages that are 
complete and can be kept up to date (and can cross link).

I've been busy, but If you can give me a login Steve, I'll try to look 
at WP before the meeting


Steve Clark wrote:
> Tony Friis wrote:
>> Kevin and I have been looking at Wiki's and feel that moinmoin would 
>> be a good bet (partly because of (my) personal preferences).
>> Will it be possible to integrate the Wiki and the blog somehow. At the 
>> very least we should be able to host them on the same server and cross 
>> reference them from the same home page, whichever is more convenient.
>> Basically moinmoin just needs python.
>> Kevin has managed to get a wiki running, Internet accessible, but I 
>> suspect it may need to be a bit more secure.
>> Would people expect to have to log on? Should the logon's be vetted 
>> manually?
> Sending this again. I tried doing it from Gmail, but maybe the list 
> doesn't support doing that with a different from address.
> Having played a bit with Wordpress I'm wondering if a wiki is really 
> necessary. WP allows for creating lots of static pages, as opposed to 
> blog entries. It has a nice 'rich text' editor, but I'm not sure how 
> easy it is to link between the pages. It should also be possible for 
> people to add comments to these pages. What would we actually use a wiki 
> for? If it's just to expand on topics covered in talks then this may be 
> enough. I would have no problem with us linking to members' own sites if 
> they contain more details.
> We can create accounts for all members on WP, but also allow for others 
> to add comments if we want. I would like to see use of OpenID. I know WP 
> has some support.
> Let me know if you want an account to try it out.

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